Your voice has power

We often hear from people who care but feel powerless to help. We get it—it’s a lot to navigate, but you truly can affect change. You can share what you know. You can sign petitions and contact legislators. And your dollars do make a difference!

What’s the problem with factory farms?

These farms operate at disastrous proportions that are not only devastating to the animals but increasingly unsafe for people and the environment.

But it’s not just a problem for us. Animals on factory farms live a life of torture and a death of terror.

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You can eat differently

Factory farms are 100% about profit. You can help change the system by not giving it your dollars.

There are increasingly more and more delicious options for going meat-free! Explore the plant-based sections in your supermarket and try the vegan starter kit. There are so many benefits to a plant-based lifestyle—for both you and the planet!

You can affect the law

Since animals don’t have voices, we need laws to protect them. There are some great strides happening—for instance:

Switzerland made it illegal to grind up baby chicks in the egg industry (go Switzerland!)

New Zealand law now recognizes animals as sentient beings.

Want to get involved?

Here are some resources:
Non-Human Rights Project
Contact your legislator
Sign petitions on Care2 and Change.org

Learn and share your knowledge

Do animals have feelings? They sure do. This article from The Atlantic dives into the ways that animals experience the world. They share much more with us than many people realize.